February 3, 2010

Officials plan to evict a branch of the Jehovah’s Witnesses from an 18th century estate in northern Moscow, the prefect of Moscow’s northern district, Oleg Mitvol, said on Wednesday.

Mitvol claimed the Mikhalkovo Estate with nearly 100 hectares was illegally privatized by a Moscow cotton factory and later sold to the Jehovah’s Witnesses. The estate is estimated to be worth $350 million.

“We have been receiving continual complaints from veterans that the historic building on Mikhalkovskaya Street currently houses a branch of the Jehovah’s Witnesses,” he added.

Russia considers Jehovah’s Witnesses a religious sect and its activities therefore illegal. Russia officially recognizes Russian Orthodoxy, Catholicism, Buddhism, Islam, and Judaism as the main religions of Russia, though other religions also are present.

Officials are hoping to move the organization from the mansion and its land by May 9, and build a community center for the disabled there by 2012.

Legal proceedings are now under way.

MOSCOW, February 3 (RIA Novosti)


Divorce is caused by premarital sex.


So let me get this straight:

We don’t like women to wear short skirts, slit skirts, demim skirts, clingy skirts, tight skirts, eye makeup, jewelry, earrings, multiple earrings, dangly earrings, lipstick, bright lipstick, gloss lipstick, black lipstick, makeup, too much makeup, false eyelashes, glitter, revealing tops, clingy tops, tight tops, translucent tops, baggy tops, mens shirts, pants, tight pants, short pants, leather pants, black bras, thong panties, tattoo’s, perfume; or have their hair done up, styled, colored, dyed, curled, permed, cut short or shaved.

Anything else?

Jehovah’s Loving Kindness

Daniel Sydlik – A Member of the Governing Body

I tell you now we are going to talk about something ….

You know very little about if you will ever…….. understand it.. We are going to talk about Jehovah’s loving kindness!

He said: There is a new king in Israel and it’s king David.. Now usually whenever there is a new king, it’s a joyful time for the new king and a horrible time for the old king because all the boys in the family of the old king would be wiped out for fear they would come back for revenge or reprisal. But it’s a new king in Israel. And David did something that was shocking. No other king had done this before. It’s unprecedented.

Turn to second Samuel chapter 9. Look at verse 1. This is what David said and he is picturing Jehovah God. “and David proceeded to say is there anyone left over from the house of Saul that I may exercise loving kindness to him for the sake of Jonathan?”

He is looking for someone of that household to show loving kindness to.

Next verse: “Now the house of Saul had a servant whose name was Ziba. So they called him to David, and the king then said to him: ‘Are you Ziba?’ to which he said: ‘I am your servant.’

Now what Ziba is telling him is: I am your man. I have served in a house of royalty. I know what goes on in the house of a king. I know how to run the house of a king. I know who belongs here.

3 ‘Is there nobody of the house of Saul anymore, that I may exercise toward him the loving-kindness of God?’ (You see it’s Jehovah’s loving kindness)

At this Ziba said to the king: ‘There is yet a son of Jonathan, lame in the feet.’

Vs 4 Then the king said to him: ‘Where is he?’ So Ziba said to the king: ‘Look! He is in the house of Machir the son of Ammiel at Lo-debar.’ …

Brother Sidlik said: Lodebar! that was the ghetto… No one but cripples and undesirables live there. No one else wanted to live there. Zi’ba is saying: Now hold on king! Don’t go too far! I know what belongs in the house of royalty. The only one who’s left of the house of Jonathan is his son. He’s a cripple, he doesn’t belong here. In fact he lives in Lodebar.

David said: That’s the man that I am looking for. You go and get him and you bring him to this house. That’s who I’m looking for to show loving kindness to. It’s the loving kindness of God. Me·phibo·sheth was crippled because his nurse dropped him accidentally and from then on he was lame in both of his feet. The king is telling Zi’ba ‘that’s the man, go and get him because that’s the man I am looking for.’

Next brother Sydlik picks up a bell and says ‘dinner time in David’s house.’

At dinner time at David’s house who would you expect to see? Who dines at the table of a king? It would be David and all of his children.

Now beauty ran in David’s family. His son Absalom was so good looking that they cut his hair only once a year and his hair alone weighed 5lbs. The Bible says that no man was as beautiful as Absalom. And he was sitting at David’s table and it’s dinner time at the king’s table.

He had a sister named Tamar. The Bible says she was so good looking that her own brother raped her and beautiful Tamar was also at David’s table.

Who else was at David’s table? There was wise Solomon probably reading a book. There were David’s 2 nephews Abishi and Joab, mighty warriors, courageous men. The Bible says Joab was cute! And they both take their seat at the table.

Then the next person comes in. It’s a cripple! IN WALKS A CRIPPLE! With all of this beauty at the table, in walks a cripple!!!

That’s when brother Sydlik lowered the boom on us… no one will ever forget that talk because it demonstrated Jehovah loving kindness.

He told us we are all crippled brothers. Adam and Eve dropped every one of us… we are all crippled……… We are all messed up.

We have frailties and infirmities we don’t want anyone to know. We make it hard on each other to stay at the table because we look at each other and say ‘he doesn’t belong at this table.’ We are hard on each other. We make it hard to sit at the table. We say things like ‘I know he’s not coming to the table”. “She needs to quit “. We look at a brother and say ‘he’s not gonna make it’. You see we are hard on each other at that table. And we live in Lodebar. No mater how much you pay for your mortgage, we are living in a filthy world. It’s beneath Jehovah. It’s the ghetto.

Now Mephibosheth, he couldn’t understand how the king wanted him to sit at his table.

Isn’t that the way we are? We can’t appreciate Jehovah’s loving kindness. We can’t understand it. There are things about us we don’t want anyone to know. We compromised. We capitulated. We went back at times and we don’t want anybody to know that. We don’t understand Jehovah’s loving kindness.

We tell people ‘there are things about me you just don’t know’. And when we receive commendation we tell people ‘if you really knew how I was you wouldn’t say that, so now I feel worse.’

Did you know that there are some people who serve God yet pray that they can just die?

We feel we are not worthy to be at Jehovah’s table… We can’t understand Jehovah’s loving kindness. Mephibosheth, he couldn’t understand it and many times he would look around the table and say to David ‘let me leave, I can’t measure up’.

And David would say ‘stay at the table’. Mephibosheth looked at Tamar’s beauty and asked to leave the table and David said ‘stay at the table’. He looked at wise Solomon and said ‘let me leave the table’ and David said ‘stay at the table’.

He looked at mighty Joab and felt unworthy and asked to leave but David said ‘stay at the table’.

Now in Israel, one of the “worst” things was to be a dog. Mephibosheth said at second Samuel chap 9 vs.. 8 ‘And he said what is your servant that you have turned your face to the dead dog! Such as I am. I am not even a dog. I am a dead dog… why are you showing loving kindness to me?’

Do you ever feel that way? You see, if you only knew the love that Jehovah has for us, if you could only understand the work and effort and appreciation the faithful slave has for you, If you could only appreciate that it’s not just a group of men printing literature in a building, they recognize the loving kindness of God.

you have done wrong and you have been disciplined. You have had hard times. Regardless of what you have done, regardless of how you feel… just stay at Jehovah table. Jehovah is not limited. He’s not like humans…

As humans we remember things and we will never let you live it down. We say things like, ‘I know what he did in 1983 and I knew him back in the day’. Girl… .. Jehovah’s not that way. Manasseh did what was bad on a grand scale. He sinned against Jehovah. Jehovah not only restored him, he forgave him and made him king again. That’s the God we serve! Jehovah says: ‘don’t be mindful of what these humans keep against you.’ Jehovah says: ‘I am not that way….’ A struggling person is not a bad person … We are just struggling. That’s all. You are not bad.. Just remain faithful and stay at Jehovah’s table.

40,000 a year become inactive. They leave Jehovah’s table. Are we making it hard for them to stay at Jehovah’s table? Many try to come back. At the Memorial, are we making it hard for them to stay at God’s table? Are we making them feel like a dead dog? You see we are all crippled brothers … Adam and Eve dropped everyone of us. Let’s make it comforting and encouraging to stay at Jehovah’s table. Regardless of what you’ve done, regardless of how you feel never think Jehovah won’t forgive you, because Jehovah is actively looking for people like us to show loving kindness to.

Now the thing about this table is they would usually have these long skirts like table cloths and the skirt would cover everything below the table. It would cover everybody’s legs. When Mephibosheth as a cripple sat at the table it would cover his legs and he would be just like everyone else. All his frailties and infirmities were covered as long as he stayed at Jehovah’s table!!

That skirt pictures the ransom sacrifice of Jesus Christ …. Jehovah’s telling us that I have you covered at this table. Don’t leave, just stay at the table. You have all the covering… You have all you need …. I don’t even see your frailties. I have been looking for people like you to show loving kindness to.

2nd Samuel chap 9 vs.. 11: very encouraging, ‘So Ziba said to the king: ‘In accord with all that my lord the king commands for his servant is the way that your servant will do; but Mephibosheth is eating at my table like one of the sons of the king.’ It was Jehovah loving kindess.

VS 13 ‘And Mephibosheth himself was dwelling in Jerusalem, for it was constantly at the table of the king that he was eating; and he was lame in both of his feet.’

Mephibosheth stayed at that table. He stayed at God’s table. Mephibosheth said ‘sure: I have had hard times and I am a cripple and I don’t even understand this loving kindness, but he said I’ll never leave this table.’

And the Bible says he never left the table although he was lame in both of his feet. You see the skirt covered his legs. It covered his problems, covered all of his sins.

Lovers of God, don’t leave. We are almost home. Jehovah says ‘you are covered at this table. I love you. Don’t ever doubt it….’ Jehovah says ‘why have you ended a sentence with a question mark when I have ended it with a period?’ He’s telling us that his son died for us and he’s been looking for people like us to show loving kindness to.

Always stay at Jehovah’s table.

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Annual Meeting notes

We had the privilege of being at the annual meeting, Oct. 3.  It’s a pleasure to share with you some of the highlights from this 125th Anniversary of the Corporation.


Bro. David Splane opens the program at the New Jersey Assembly Hall.  The meeting is tied in with Brooklyn, Patterson, Wallkill, and Canada Branch. 


The highlight of this year is our new song book.  This is the first meeting with the new songs.  Don’t go home and brag that you were at the first meeting where the songs were sung, BUT, it it the truth!!  A chorus of brothers and sisters were on stage to give us all a surprise with singing a few of the new songs.  Three songs (#92, 69, 134) were sung during the program and the chorus would sing through them and then the audience.  You couldn’t tell that the audience was just learning them!!   


The Friday talk at our D.C, where our song book was mentioned, said that Jehovah is interested in our worship.  Seventy Levites were set aside to sing and 288 others Israelites were learners.  All had to sing out of their hearts.  When the opening song is sung at our meetings where are we?  Do we take our seat?  Do we stretch our legs or get some water during the song?  We can express in song the depth of our appreciation.   Branches have said that not all are singing.  The Governing Body wants to underscore the depth music should have in our worship.  The Governing Body was involved in the words and changes that were made.  If the Governing Body makes suggestions, we comply!  If the Governing Body approved all the words, melodies etc, is it spiritual food?  It is our attitude to partake where spiritual food is offered.  Learn the words!!


Reports from different lands: 


  • 7/09 new peak in pubs and again in 8/09 land mark of 1,154,275 pubs.  Making a 4% increase over last year.  Regular Pioneers 7.1% increase.   Hours increased 2,075,895.  Bible Studies 657,544  making a 9% increase over last year. Memorial Attendance 2,469,036 over 50,000 more from last year.
  • Canada:  Governing Body approved and installed printing press. They will now print mags for Canada and U.S.  They had to raise the roof for part of the press and 150 ft. Floor needed to be reinforced.
  • Dominican Republic:  1945 no Witnesses, now 31,115 pubs.  Nice experience about a regular pioneer sister.  She received a notice that there had been a robbery in her place of work.  All employees needed to report to the Police Dept.  The employer saw her name and said that she didn’t need to go, she’s one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. “How proud I felt”, she said  “that he trusted me more than he did family member.”  The thief was discovered and it was the employer’s sister in law!
  • Nigeria:  Most populated African country w/14 million pop.  More then 250 languages and dialects.  This makes witnessing a challenge.  Branch is expanding, 750 Bethelites send greetings.
  • Australia:  No one killed during recent Sunami.  2% increase over last year.  64,801 pubs.  Increase in Bible Studies has been due to the arrangement to offer them on first visit.
  • Experience:  At the Chinese District Convention the brothers had to travel many miles to attend.  The cost for travel was $300.00 per person.  One lady was offered to go closer to an English Convention.  She went inside her house and came out with $600.00 for her and her husband.  When asked why she didn’t go closer to the English convention she simply said, “I don’t speak English.”
  • Mozambique:  45,000 pubs.  They no longer feel like a new born giraffe with wobbling knees.  What’s helped:
  • 70 Missionaries.  Some mention that the bible study is in 3 sessions each week.  After that the next session is at the Kingdom Hall.  2)  Ministerial Training School  256 have graduated from the 2 month course.


The next part on the program was getting acquainted with the members of the Coorporation.  They are under the supervision of 6 committees.  Each committee has a member(s) of the Governing Body and helpers in them.  Six brothers were interviewed:  Adams, Mutchin, Sinclair, Wallen, Malenfont, and Wischuk.  Together they have 365 yrs of service.  The different committees were explained.

Our new Year’s text  is taken from 1 Cor. 13 7:8.  Last part of verse 7 and the first part of verse 8.

“Love endures all things.  Love never fails.”  Love is a basic human need.  We owe our existence because of love.  Love will exist eternally.

Herd had the theme —- Are You Running on Empty?  We need a full tank—knowledge.  Gas up regularly!! This is possible if we have a 1)regular personal study 2) Family Worship Night 3)Quiet Undisturbed Meditation

Barr (96 yrs) The Righteous Ones will Shine as Brightly as the Sun

Based on Matt 13.  Sower of the wheat and the weeds.  Sower is Jesus, the son of man, started to sow in 33 C.E. with the holy spirit being poured out.  The sowing DOES NOT mean the preaching and teaching work to bring in the new sons.  These ARE sons, NOT will become sons!!  This process of gathering sons will end.  It has its limits.  Main point we got was what Bro. Barr repeated twice, “Jesus Christ meant lives of the anointed who were on hand in 1914 would overlap with those whose lives of the anointed see the start of the Great Tribulation.”  We see the urgency of Jesus’ words.  The generation will have a definite end, can’t be excessive long.  Many of the anointed both older ones and younger ones have died BUT not all will die before the Great Tribulation.

If you missed something—-stay tuned for more information that will come out on this subject!!!

Bro Morris talked about the Elder’s school.  It has been approved to use the Bossart Hotel starting 12/09.  Four Circuit Overseer’s are being trained at Patterson to instruct these schools.  Another 4 CO’S will arrive at Patterson for 2 months of training and they will replace the original 4 brothers.  These bros will return to the field to teach these elder schools in Assembly Halls in local areas.  Starting in 2011 the Teaching Committee says that the Branches will hold their own schools!!! YEAH!!!  These schools DO NOT replace the Kingdom Ministry School.  It is to promote spirituality in the Congs, to revitalize zeal of the elders and to motivate them.

Altogether in 5 locations the attendance was:     13,235!!

On Wednesday, Sept 24th a certain woman (sister) in our hall was reinstated. Unbridled applause broke out with the announcement and thereafter John O’Brien admonished the congregation that such spontaneity was against the direction from the “slave”. Prompting this anonymous email:

“Can you be disfellowshipped for applauding at a reinstatement?” A rhetorical question at best.

John’s reply was:

“Hi. no, however the slave has asked that the brothers not applaud when the announcement is made. Please read the Watchtower October 1st 1998 page 17. Next time be brave and use your name that was a good question.”

While Mike Kelly’s was as follows:

“No..people forgret…..what a sick, unloveing, shortsighted shallow question. who ever you are, your very close to satans bed..shame on you..get a life”

So the PO thought it was a “good question” while the non ranking elder thought it was “sick”. The thing they fail to recognize is that the applause was not for the young woman but rather for the elders who finally recognized that she was no threat to the congregation and allowed her back in.

Twinkle, twinkle…

“The thousands of stars visible to the naked eye are just a fraction of the some 100 billion stars that make up our galaxy alone! Yet Jehovah has numbered and named all the stars in the entire universe!

-Watchtower, March 1985

Dear Reader,

Is there any way we can say this is a hyperbole or even poetic, if you must? Is this statement reasonable?

What purpose would the busiest person in the universe have for naming every single star (they are constantly being created and destroyed)?

How about naming all the rocks on the earth? Grains of sand?